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About Us

At HCISD, our students begin their journey to 21st century success in a safe environment that strives to promote engaged learning in world-class schools.
In continuing our charge to provide our students with a high quality education, we embrace change as it represents the world our students will enter as they continue their life’s journey. To keep our students prepared, we emphasize college and career readiness with the incorporation of real life situations to allow the development of critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills. Along with cognitive development we aim for our students to remain well-rounded individuals by providing them with numerous opportunities to excel in the Three A’s, Academics, the Fine Arts, and Athletics.
This message stays true in our classrooms. Students are held to a high academic standard and challenged with curriculum filled with rigor and relevance. Our educators remain committed to student achievement each day, and continually propel our students further after initial goals have been reached.
Upholding our tradition of excellence is a product of the collaboration between our families, community and school board. Throughout the past few years this collaboration has led to the opening of new facilities, campuses, the addition of technology-rich resources in our schools and academic programs that focus on global-learning through the incorporation of multiple languages. We will continue to see growth this coming year as collaboration is expected to continue on behalf of our students and their futures.
Our entire learning community remains dedicated to our vision of academic excellence for all students while remaining one of the best school districts in the state. With innovation, focus and rigor anything can be achieved at HCISD. 
  • 90.2% Kinder Readiness Rate
  • 100% TEA Designated Safe Schools
  • 100% Seniors commit to post secondary plans
  • 18 Years TEA Superior Financial Integrity Rating
  • 37 Industry Certification Opportunities
  • musicBest Communities for Music Education designation from The NAMM Foundation